Forthcoming Articles

Articles below are "in press", i.e., accepted for publication in Journal of Social and Political Psychology but not yet published. If authors made their accepted version available via PsychArchives a link to the author accepted manuscript (AAM) version is provided.

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  • Could your Candidate Shoot Someone on 5th Avenue and not Lose Votes? Identifying “Lines in the Sand” in Ingroup Candidate Transgressions

    Kathryn Howard, Daniel Cervone, Matt Motyl
  • Indonesian Civilians' Attributions for Anti-Chinese Violence during the May 1998 Riots in Indonesia

    Eunike Mutiara Himawan, Winnifred Louis, Annie Pohlman
  • Narrative Expansion and Terrorist Labeling: Discursive Conflict Escalation by State Media

    Cristina Montiel, Erwine dela Paz, Jose Medriano III
  • Negotiated Harms in Moralized Policies: The Case of Duterte’s War on Drugs

    Danielle Ochoa
  • Covert Prejudice and Discourses on Otherness During the Refugee Crisis: Α Case Study of the Greek Islands’ Press

    Vasiliki Ioanna Konstantopoulou, Orestis Didymiotis, Gerasimos Kouzelis
  • Partisan Bias in Responses to Sexual Misconduct Allegations against Male Politicians

    Edward John Roy Clarke
  • Psychological perspectives on participatory culture: Core motives for the use of political Internet memes

    Anne Leiser
  • Social invisibility and discrimination of Roma people in Italy and Brazil

    Giannino Melotti, Mariana Bonomo, Julia Alves Brasil, Paola Villano
  • Partisan Discrimination without Partisan Cues

    Jeffrey Lyons, Stephen Utych
  • Islam and Politics: A Latent Class Analysis of Indonesian Muslims Based on Political Attitudes and Psychological Determinants

    Istiqomah, Joevarian Hudiyana, Mirra Noor Milla, Hamdi Muluk, Bagus Takwin
  • Influences of Nationality and Nationalism on the Perceived Danger of COVID-19 Variants and the Perceived Effectiveness of COVID-19 Vaccines: A Study of UK and Portuguese Samples

    Glynis Breakwell, Cristina Camilo, Rusi Jaspal, Maria Luisa Lima
  • Attitudes Shape Implicit Temporal Trajectories: A Quantitative Test of the Narrative Structure of Collective Memories of Colonialism

    Simona Lastrego, Charlotte Janssens, Olivier Klein, Laurent Licata
  • Populist Attitudes and Conspiracy Mentality: Exploring the Relation Between the Latent Structures of Populist Attitudes and Conspiracy Mentality

    Clara Christner
  • Tolerating the Intolerant: Does Realistic Threat Lead to Increased Tolerance of Right-Wing Extremists?

    Samantha Sinclair, Artur Nilsson, Jens Agerström