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Articles below are "in press", i.e., accepted for publication in Journal of Social and Political Psychology but not yet published.

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  • Indonesian Civilians' Attributions for Anti-Chinese Violence during the May 1998 Riots in Indonesia

    Eunike Mutiara Himawan, Winnifred Louis, Annie Pohlman
  • White, or Not Quite? Predicting Arab American Responses to Racial Categorization Forms

    Nader Hakim, Nyla Branscombe
  • Narrative Expansion and Terrorist Labeling: Discursive Conflict Escalation by State Media

    Cristina Montiel, Erwine dela Paz, Jose Medriano III
  • Negotiated Harms in Moralized Policies: The Case of Duterte’s War on Drugs

    Danielle P. Ochoa, Michelle G. Ong
  • The Effect of Inhibitory Self-Control and Candidate Quality on Voters’ Decisions in Vote-Buying Settings

    Rizka Halida, Harry Susianto, Saiful Mujani
  • How group members appraise collective history: Appraisal dimensions of collective history and their role in in-group engagement

    Damilola Makanju, Andrew G. Livingstone , Joseph Sweetman
  • Partisan Bias in Responses to Sexual Misconduct Allegations against Male Politicians

    Edward John Roy Clarke
  • Social invisibility and discrimination of Roma people in Italy and Brazil

    Giannino Melotti, Mariana Bonomo, Julia Alves Brasil, Paola Villano
  • Political bullshit receptivity and its correlates: a cross-cultural validation of the concept

    Vukašin Gligorić
  • Will Outgroup Members Satisfy My Need for Autonomy? The Role of Need Expectations in Outgroup Attitudes

    Netta Weinstein, Lukas Wolf, Lisa Legault, Şükrü Atsizelti, Nicole Legate
  • On the Association of Interpersonal Trust with Right-Wing Extremist and Authoritarian Attitudes

    Ayline Heller, Felix Wicke, Christoph Kasinger, Manfred Beutel, Oliver Decker, Julia Schuler, Elmar Brähler
  • The Changing Association between Political Ideology and Closed-Mindedness: Left and Right Have Become More Alike

    Jesse Acosta, Markus Kemmelmeier
  • Extending the Social Category Label Effect to Stigmatized Groups: Lesbian and Gay People’s Reactions to “Homosexual” as a Label

    Jes Matsick, Mary Kruk, Lindsay Palmer, Eric Layland, Anna Salomaa
  • Are we really going to get out of COVID-19 together? Secured legal status and trust among refugees and migrants

    Emanuele Politi, Antoine Roblain, Laurent Licata
  • Effects of Moral Obligation and Perceived Risk on Collective Action in a High-Risk Political Context

    Mete Sefa Uysal, Yasemin Gülsüm Acar, José-Manuel Sabucedo, Huseyin Cakal
  • Islam and Politics: A Latent Class Analysis of Indonesian Muslims Based on Political Attitudes and Psychological Determinants

    Istiqomah, Joevarian Hudiyana, Mirra Noor Milla, Hamdi Muluk, Bagus Takwin
  • Child’s Presence Shapes Immigrant Women’s Experiences of Everyday Intergroup Contact

    Paula Paajanen, Tuija Seppälä, Clifford Stevenson, Eerika Finell
  • “I feel it in my gut:” Epistemic Motivations, Political Beliefs, and Misperceptions of COVID-19 and the 2020 U.S. Presidential Election

    Dannagal Young, Erin Maloney, Amy Bleakley, Jessica Langbaum
  • Measuring Openness to Political Pluralism

    Patrick E. Shrout, Mao Mogami, Qi Xu, Yasaman Ghodse-Elahi, Vee Badaan, Elizabeth Mutter, Matthew Riccio, Timothy Valshtein, Shahrzad Goudarzi
  • The explanation-polarisation model: Pseudoscience spreads through explanatory satisfaction and group polarisation

    Angelo Fasce
  • "Unavailable, insecure, and very poorly paid": Global difficulties and inequalities in conducting social psychological research

    Fouad Bou Zeineddine
  • How do those affected by a disaster organize to meet their needs for justice? Campaign strategies and partial victories following the Grenfell Tower fire

    Selin Tekin , John Drury
  • The Perception of Competence in the Newsroom: Why Stereotypical Dress Styles Violate Title VII

    Eileen McDonagh, Sparsha Saha
  • Some Psychological Determinants of Broad Union Attitudes

    Martin V. Day
  • Victim-focused political apology predicts political support via perceived sincerity, trust and positive emotional climate: The case of the 2018 bushfire in Attica

    Theofilos Gkinopoulos