Forthcoming Articles

Articles below are "in press", i.e., accepted for publication in Journal of Social and Political Psychology but not yet published. If authors made their accepted version available via PsychArchives a link to the author accepted manuscript (AAM) version is provided.

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  • Could your Candidate Shoot Someone on 5th Avenue and not Lose Votes? Identifying “Lines in the Sand” in Ingroup Candidate Transgressions

    Kathryn Howard, Daniel Cervone, Matt Motyl
  • Indonesian Civilians' Attributions for Anti-Chinese Violence during the May 1998 Riots in Indonesia

    Eunike Mutiara Himawan, Winnifred Louis, Annie Pohlman
  • White, or Not Quite? Predicting Arab American Responses to Racial Categorization Forms

    Nader Hakim, Nyla Branscombe
  • Narrative Expansion and Terrorist Labeling: Discursive Conflict Escalation by State Media

    Cristina Montiel, Erwine dela Paz, Jose Medriano III
  • Empowered but Endangered? : an analysis of hegemonic womanhood in Indian gender advocacy campaigns

    Keshia D'silva, Eemeli Hakoköngäs
  • Negotiated Harms in Moralized Policies: The Case of Duterte’s War on Drugs

    Danielle P. Ochoa, Michelle G. Ong
  • Toeing the party line: Politically driven responses to the coronavirus pandemic in the USA

    Karen Douglas, Robbie Sutton
  • Conspiracy Theories, irrational individuals or dysfunctional society? Reconsidering the label and its definition through the analysis of lay discourses

    Sarah Leveaux, Kenzo Nera, Pierre Fagnoni, Pit P.L.E. Klein
  • Partisan Bias in Responses to Sexual Misconduct Allegations against Male Politicians

    Edward John Roy Clarke
  • Psychological perspectives on participatory culture: Core motives for the use of political Internet memes

    Anne Leiser
  • Social invisibility and discrimination of Roma people in Italy and Brazil

    Giannino Melotti, Mariana Bonomo, Julia Alves Brasil, Paola Villano
  • Partisan Discrimination without Partisan Cues

    Jeffrey Lyons, Stephen Utych
  • Political bullshit receptivity and its correlates: a cross-cultural validation of the concept

    Vukašin Gligorić
  • Will Outgroup Members Satisfy My Need for Autonomy? The Role of Need Expectations in Outgroup Attitudes

    Netta Weinstein, Lukas Wolf, Lisa Legault, Şükrü Atsizelti, Nicole Legate
  • Misfortunes of Leaders: Schadenfreude and Sympathy Following President Trump’s COVID-19 Diagnosis and their Effects on Pre-Election Voting Intentions

    Joanna Peplak, Jessica Klemfuss, Peter Ditto
  • On the Association of Interpersonal Trust with Right-Wing Extremist and Authoritarian Attitudes

    Ayline Heller, Felix Wicke, Christoph Kasinger, Manfred Beutel, Oliver Decker, Julia Schuler, Elmar Brähler
  • The Changing Association between Political Ideology and Closed-Mindedness: Left and Right Have Become More Alike

    Jesse Acosta, Markus Kemmelmeier
  • Extending the Social Category Label Effect to Stigmatized Groups: Lesbian and Gay People’s Reactions to “Homosexual” as a Label

    Jes Matsick, Mary Kruk, Lindsay Palmer, Eric Layland, Anna Salomaa
  • Are we really going to get out of COVID-19 together? Secured legal status and trust among refugees and migrants

    Emanuele Politi, Antoine Roblain, Laurent Licata
  • Islam and Politics: A Latent Class Analysis of Indonesian Muslims Based on Political Attitudes and Psychological Determinants

    Istiqomah, Joevarian Hudiyana, Mirra Noor Milla, Hamdi Muluk, Bagus Takwin
  • Collective Coping In Times Of Turmoil: Social Representations Of Eating Meat In Finnish Meat Product Advertisements

    Timo Häkli, Eemeli Hakoköngäs
  • Dialogue with difference: Meta-representations in political dialogue and their role in constructing the ‘other’

    Sandra Obradovic
  • “I feel it in my gut:” Epistemic Motivations, Political Beliefs, and Misperceptions of COVID-19 and the 2020 U.S. Presidential Election

    Dannagal Young, Erin Maloney, Amy Bleakley, Jessica Langbaum
  • The explanation-polarisation model: Pseudoscience spreads through explanatory satisfaction and group polarisation

    Angelo Fasce
  • "Unavailable, insecure, and very poorly paid": Global difficulties and inequalities in conducting social psychological research

    Fouad Bou Zeineddine
  • RWA, SDO and Race: A Study of Prejudice in South Africa

    Michael R. Brubacher, Jim Sidanius, Fortunate T. Silinda
  • The Perception of Competence in the Newsroom: Why Stereotypical Dress Styles Violate Title VII

    Eileen McDonagh, Sparsha Saha
  • Where Are You Really From? Understanding Misrecognition from the Experiences of French and Dutch Muslim Women Students

    Caroline da Silva, Judith de Jong, Allard R. Feddes, Bertjan Doosje, Andreea Gruev-Vintila