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Vol 3, No 1 (2015)

Table of Contents

Special Thematic Section on "Decolonizing Psychological Science" (guest-edited by Tuğçe Kurtiș, Luis Gómez, Ludwin Molina, Ignacio Dobles and Glenn Adams)

Decolonizing Psychological Science: Introduction to the Special Thematic Section PDF HTML
Glenn Adams, Ignacio Dobles, Luis H. Gómez, Tuğçe Kurtiş, Ludwin E. Molina 213-238
Stages of Colonialism in Africa: From Occupation of Land to Occupation of Being PDF HTML
Hussein A. Bulhan 239-256
A Postcolonial Feminist Critique of Harem Analogies in Psychological Science PDF HTML
Natasha Bharj, Peter Hegarty 257-275
Decolonising Australian Psychology: Discourses, Strategies, and Practice PDF HTML
Pat Dudgeon, Roz Walker 276-297
Insurgency, Theoretical Decolonization and Social Decolonization: Lessons From Cuban Psychology PDF HTML
Fernando Lacerda 298-323
Psychosocial Accompaniment PDF HTML
Mary Watkins 324-341
Working With Embroideries and Counter-Maps: Engaging Memory and Imagination Within Decolonizing Frameworks PDF HTML
Puleng Segalo, Einat Manoff, Michelle Fine 342-364
Beyond Adaptation: Decolonizing Approaches to Coping With Oppression PDF HTML
Nia L. Phillips, Glenn Adams, Phia S. Salter 365-387
Decolonizing Liberation: Toward a Transnational Feminist Psychology PDF HTML
Tuğçe Kurtiş, Glenn Adams 388-413

Original Research Reports

Asylum Seekers and Resettled Refugees in Australia: Predicting Social Policy Attitude From Prejudice Versus Emotion PDF HTML
Lisa K. Hartley, Anne Pedersen 179-197
Recurrent Fury: Conspiratorial Discourse in the Blogosphere Triggered by Research on the Role of Conspiracist Ideation in Climate Denial PDF HTML
Stephan Lewandowsky, John Cook, Klaus Oberauer, Scott Brophy, Elisabeth A. Lloyd, Michael Marriott 142-178
Climate Change Beliefs Count: Relationships With Voting Outcomes at the 2010 Australian Federal Election PDF HTML
Rod McCrea, Zoe Leviston, Iain Walker, Tung-Kai Shyy 124-141
Why Do Conservatives Report Being Happier Than Liberals? The Contribution of Neuroticism PDF HTML
Caitlin M. Burton, Jason E. Plaks, Jordan B. Peterson 89-102
Tracking Homo Oeconomicus: Development of the Neoliberal Beliefs Inventory PDF HTML
Laina Y. Bay-Cheng, Caroline C. Fitz, Natalie M. Alizaga, Alyssa N. Zucker 71-88
The Military Perpetrator: A Narrative Analysis of Sentencing Judgments on Sexual Violence Offenders at the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia (ICTY) PDF HTML
Inger Skjelsbæk 46-70
National Identification and Intergroup Attitudes Among Members of the National Majority and Immigrants: Preliminary Evidence for the Mediational Role of Psychological Ownership of a Country PDF HTML
Asteria Brylka, Tuuli Anna Mähönen, Inga Jasinskaja-Lahti 24-45
Invoking "The Family" to Legitimize Gender- and Sexuality-Based Public Policies in the United States: A Critical Discourse Analysis of the 2012 Democratic and Republican National Party Conventions PDF HTML
Andrew Pilecki, Phillip L. Hammack 8-23

Review Articles

After the Great War: Nationalism, Degenerationism and Mass Psychology PDF HTML
Juan García-García 103-123


"No Cause for Action": Revisiting the Ethics Case of Dr. John Leso PDF HTML
Roy J. Eidelson 198-212

From the Editors

Editorial Report and Acknowledgement of Reviewers, 2014 PDF HTML
J. Christopher Cohrs, Johanna Ray Vollhardt 1-7

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