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The Journal of Social and Political Psychology (JSPP) is a peer-reviewed open-access journal (without author fees). It publishes articles at the intersection of social and political psychology from different epistemological, methodological, theoretical, and cultural perspectives and from different regions across the globe that substantially advance the understanding of social problems, their reduction, and the promotion of social justice. For more information see Focus and Scope. Please register if you are interested in being notified about new publications once they are posted online.

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Special Thematic Section on "Multiple Perspectives in Conflict Settings: From Diversity to Pluralism"

We invite submissions to a special thematic section on "Multiple Perspectives in Conflict Settings: From Diversity to Pluralism"...  
Posted: 2016-12-15 More...

Ongoing Series on "Decolonizing Psychological Science"

The editors of JSPP are happy to announce that they continue to invite submissions for an ongoing series of articles on the topic of "decolonizing psychological science"...  
Posted: 2015-11-06 More...
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Vol 4, No 2 (2016)

Table of Contents

Original Research Reports

The Naturalized Nation: Anchoring, Objectification and Naturalized Social Representations of History PDF HTML
Eemeli Hakoköngäs, Inari Sakki 646-669
Interpretative Repertoires of Multiculturalism – Supporting and Challenging Hierarchical Intergroup Relations PDF HTML
Emma Nortio, Sirkku Varjonen, Tuuli Anna Mähönen, Inga Jasinskaja-Lahti 623-645
Audience Responses and the Context of Political Speeches PDF HTML
Hyangmi Choi, Peter Bull, Darren Reed 601-622
The Aggression-Submission-Conventionalism Scale: Testing a New Three Factor Measure of Authoritarianism PDF HTML
Philip T. Dunwoody, Friedrich Funke 571-600
More Than Political Ideology: Subtle Racial Prejudice as a Predictor of Opposition to Universal Health Care Among U.S. Citizens PDF HTML
Megan Johnson Shen, Jordan P. LaBouff 493-520


Understanding the Persistence of Caste: A Commentary on Cotterill, Sidanius, Bhardwaj and Kumar (2014) PDF HTML
Yashpal A. Jogdand, Sammyh S. Khan, Arvind Kumar Mishra 554-570
Science and the Public: Debate, Denial, and Skepticism PDF HTML
Stephan Lewandowsky, Michael E. Mann, Nicholas J. L. Brown, Harris Friedman 537-553
Unknowing Researcher’s Vulnerability: Re-searching Inequality on an Uneven Playing Field PDF HTML
Siew Fang Law 521-536

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