Vol 6, No 1 (2018)

Issue in progress: Articles will be added continuously as soon as they are finalized.

Table of Contents

Original Research Reports

Investigating Right Wing Authoritarianism With a Very Short Authoritarianism Scale PDF HTML
Boris Bizumic, John Duckitt 129-150
Sociocultural and Individual Manifestations of Sexual Stigma: The Role of Political Ideology and Prejudice in Discrimination Against Sexual Minorities PDF HTML
Crystal L. Hoyt, Mitchell Parry 92-128
From I to We: Group Formation and Linguistic Adaption in an Online Xenophobic Forum PDF HTML
Emma A. Bäck, Hanna Bäck, Marie Gustafsson Sendén, Sverker Sikström 76-91
Political Opposites Do Not Attract: The Effects of Ideological Dissimilarity on Impression Formation PDF HTML
Stephanie R. Mallinas, Jarret T. Crawford, Shana Cole 49-75
Investigating Processes of Internalisation of Values Through Theatre for Development PDF HTML
Telisa Courtney, John Battye 27-48
One World in Diversity – A Social-Psychological Intervention to Foster International Collective Action Intention PDF HTML
Nadine Knab, Melanie C. Steffens 8-26

From the Editors

Editorial Report and Acknowledgement of Reviewers, 2017 PDF HTML
J. Christopher Cohrs, Johanna Ray Vollhardt 1-7

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