Vol 5, No 1 (2017)

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From the Editors

Editorial Report and Acknowledgement of Reviewers, 2016 PDF HTML
J. Christopher Cohrs, Johanna Ray Vollhardt 1-7

Original Research Reports

Gaining Economic Profit or Losing Cultural Security: Framing Persuasive Arguments for Two Types of Conservatives PDF HTML
Silke Eschert, Michael Diehl, René Ziegler 8-28
Social Representations of Trust Among Teachers and Principals in Cameroonian, Indian, and Finnish Schools PDF HTML
Anna-Maija Pirttilä-Backman, Rusten Menard, Jyoti Verma, Raul Kassea 29-57
Some Like It Hot: How Voters’ Attitude Towards Disrespect in Politics Affects Their Judgments of Candidates PDF HTML
Christina Mölders, Niels Van Quaquebeke 58-81
Gendered Help: Effects of Gender and Realm of Achievement on Autonomy- Versus Dependency-Oriented Help Giving PDF HTML
Lily Chernyak-Hai, Samer Halabi, Arie Nadler 117-141
Science and Politics: Do People Support the Conduct and Dissemination of Politicized Research? PDF HTML
Stephanie M. Anglin, Lee Jussim 142-172
Between Tikkun Olam and Self-Defense: Young Jewish Americans Debate the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict PDF HTML
Ella Ben Hagai, Eileen L. Zurbriggen 173-199
Hope and Anger as Mediators Between Collective Action Frames and Participation in Collective Mobilization: The Case of 15-M PDF HTML
Anna Wlodarczyk, Nekane Basabe, Darío Páez, Larraitz Zumeta 200-223
Support for the Confederate Battle Flag in the Southern United States: Racism or Southern Pride? PDF HTML
Joshua D. Wright, Victoria M. Esses 224-243
Donald Trump as a Cultural Revolt Against Perceived Communication Restriction: Priming Political Correctness Norms Causes More Trump Support PDF HTML
Lucian Gideon Conway, Meredith A. Repke, Shannon C. Houck 244-259
The Politicized Motivations of Volunteers in the Refugee Crisis: Intergroup Helping as the Means to Achieve Social Change PDF HTML
Anna Kende, Nóra Anna Lantos, Anna Belinszky, Sára Csaba, Zsófia Anna Lukács 260-281


Islamist Suicide Terrorism and Erich Fromm’s Social Psychology of Modern Times PDF HTML
Emad El-Din Aysha 82-106
Social Psychological Perspectives on Trump Supporters PDF HTML
Thomas F. Pettigrew 107-116

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