Vol 8, No 2 (2020)

Issue in progress: Articles will be added continuously as soon as they are finalized.

Table of Contents

Theoretical Articles

Mistrust and Misinformation: A Two-Component, Socio-Epistemic Model of Belief in Conspiracy Theories PDF HTML
Joseph M. Pierre 617-641

Original Research Reports

The Relationship Between Value and Ideological Orientations Using the Refined Theory of Basic Values PDF HTML
Stefano Passini 708-720
Personality's Influence on Political Orientation Extends to Concrete Stances of Political Controversy in Germany – Cross-Nationally and Consistently PDF HTML
Thomas Grünhage, Martin Reuter 686-707
Black Hope Floats: Racial Emotion Regulation and the Uniquely Motivating Effects of Hope on Black Political Participation PDF HTML
Davin L. Phoenix 662-685
Social Representations of Risk in Cameroon: Influence of Sociopolitical and Cultural Context PDF HTML
Jean Claude Etoundi, Nicole Kay, Sandrine Gaymard 642-661
Educational Attainment, Political Sophistication and Anti-Immigrant Attitudes PDF HTML
Eva van der Heijden, Maykel Verkuyten 600-616
Identity Entrepreneurship in Political Commemorations: A Longitudinal Quantitative Content Analysis of Commemorative Speeches by Leaders of Parties in Power and Opposition Before and During the Greek Economic Crisis PDF HTML
Theofilos Gkinopoulos 582-599
“You’re Important, Jeremy, but Not That Important”: Personalised Responses and Equivocation in Political Interviews PDF HTML
Maurice Waddle, Peter Bull 560-581
Dynamics of Respect: Evidence From Two Different National and Political Contexts PDF HTML
Klaus Michael Reininger, Christoph Daniel Schaefer, Steffen Zitzmann, Bernd Simon 542-559
The Interactive Effects of Ambivalence and Certainty on Political Opinion Stability PDF HTML
Andrew Luttrell, Richard E. Petty, Pablo Briñol 525-541
Validating Automated Integrative Complexity: Natural Language Processing and the Donald Trump Test PDF HTML
Lucian Gideon Conway, Kathrene R. Conway, Shannon C. Houck 504-524
Why Moral Advocacy Leads to Polarization and Proselytization: The Role of Self-Persuasion PDF HTML
Ravini S. Abeywickrama, Joshua J. Rhee, Damien L. Crone, Simon M. Laham 473-503
Targeting our Blind Spot: A Metacognitive Intervention Ameliorates Negative Feelings, Evaluations, and Stereotypes Towards Conservatives in a Liberal Sample PDF HTML
Klaus Michael Reininger, Nora Rebekka Krott, Margret Hoenisch, Jakob Scheunemann, Steffen Moritz 453-472

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