Vol 8, No 1 (2020)

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Action Teaching Reports

Teaching Students How to Think, not What to Think: Pedagogy and Political Psychology PDF HTML
Gabriel Velez, Séamus A. Power 388-403

Original Research Reports

“Save the Climate! Stop the Oil”: Actual Protest Behavior and Core Framing Tasks in the Portuguese Climate Movement PDF HTML
Maria Fernandes-Jesus, Maria Luísa Lima, José-Manuel Sabucedo 426-452
Collective Psychological Ownership and Reconciliation in Territorial Conflicts PDF HTML
Nora Storz, Borja Martinovic, Maykel Verkuyten, Iris Žeželj, Charis Psaltis, Sonia Roccas 404-425
Time Does Tell: An Analysis of Observable Audience Responses From the 2016 American Presidential Campaigns PDF HTML
Ewan J. K. Goode, Peter Bull 368-387
Quantitative and Qualitative Centrality of a Social Representation's Core Elements: The Use of the Basic Cognitive Schemes Model PDF HTML
Mioara Cristea, Jose Francisco Valencia, Mihai Curelaru 351-367
A Narrative of Conservative Student Affairs Professionals: Silenced in an Inclusive Profession? PDF HTML
Jeremy N. Davis, Matthew Birnbaum, Rosa I. Law 333-350
Zeitgeist Effects, Fragmentation of Media Use, and Value Consensus PDF HTML
Martti Puohiniemi, Markku Verkasalo 300-332
The Origins of Information Processing Preferences in Politics: Examining Parental Influence PDF HTML
Lori D. Bougher, Richard R. Lau 284-299
The Paradoxical Thinking ‘Sweet Spot’: The Role of Recipients’ Latitude of Rejection in the Effectiveness of Paradoxical Thinking Messages Targeting Anti-Refugee Attitudes in Israel PDF HTML
Boaz Hameiri, Orly Idan, Eden Nabet, Daniel Bar-Tal, Eran Halperin 266-283
Painting All Foreigners With One Brush? How the Salience of Muslims and Refugees Shapes Judgements PDF HTML
Lukas Wallrich, Keon West, Adam Rutland 246-265
The Social and Psychological Characteristics of Norm Deviants: A Field Study in a Small Cohesive University Campus PDF HTML
Robin Gomila, Elizabeth Levy Paluck 220-245
Work Alienation and its Gravediggers: Social Class, Class Consciousness, and Activism PDF HTML
Jeremy E. Sawyer, Anup Gampa 198-219
Polarization in the Wake of the European Refugee Crisis – A Longitudinal Study of the Finnish Political Elite’s Attitudes Towards Refugees and the Environment PDF HTML
Jan-Erik Lönnqvist, Ville-Juhani Ilmarinen, Florencia M. Sortheix 173-197
Selective Exposure and the Authoritarian Dynamic: Evidence From Canada and the United States PDF HTML
Robert A. Hinckley, Allison Harell 151-172
Association Between Individualism and Welfare Attitudes: An Analysis of Citizens’ Attitudes Towards the State’s Welfare Responsibility PDF HTML
Timo Toikko, Teemu Rantanen 132-150
How Education Did (and Did Not) Accentuate Partisan Differences During the Ebola Outbreak of 2014-15 PDF HTML
Chris C. Martin 108-131
A Brighter Future: The Effect of Social Class on Responses to Future Debt PDF HTML
Harrison J. Schmitt, Lucas A. Keefer, Daniel Sullivan, Sheridan Stewart, Isaac F. Young 78-107
Citizenship and Socio-Political Integration: A Person-Oriented Analysis Among Russian-Speaking Minorities in Estonia, Finland and Norway PDF HTML
Tuuli Anna Renvik, Joel Manner, Raivo Vetik, David L. Sam, Inga Jasinskaja-Lahti 53-77
Cognitive Polyphasia in a Global South Populist Democracy: Mapping Social Representations of Duterte’s Regime in the Philippines PDF HTML
Joshua Uyheng, Cristina Jayme Montiel 30-52


The Importance of Heterogeneity in Large-Scale Replications PDF HTML
Matthew H. Goldberg, Sander van der Linden 25-29
Empathy and the Liberal-Conservative Political Divide in the U.S. PDF HTML
Stephen G. Morris 8-24

From the Editors

Editorial Report and Acknowledgement of Reviewers, 2019 PDF HTML
J. Christopher Cohrs, Johanna Ray Vollhardt 1-7

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