Vol 7, No 2 (2019)

Including a Special Thematic Section on "Multiple Perspectives in Conflict Settings: From Diversity to Pluralism" (guest-edited by Sandra Penic, Guy Elcheroth, Steve Reicher, and Ramila Usoof-Thowfeek)

Table of Contents

Special Thematic Section on "Multiple Perspectives in Conflict Settings: From Diversity to Pluralism" (guest-edited by Sandra Penic, Guy Elcheroth, Steve Reicher, and Ramila Usoof-Thowfeek)

Multiple Perspectives in Conflict Settings: An Introduction PDF HTML
Guy Elcheroth, Sandra Penic, Ramila Usoof, Steve Reicher 913-924
Village Guards as “In Between” in the Turkish-Kurdish Conflict: Re-Examining Identity and Position in Intergroup Conflict PDF HTML
Yasemin Gülsüm Acar 925-940
Concealing Former Identity to Be Accepted After the Demobilization Process in Colombia: A Real Reintegration in a Post Conflict Scenario? PDF HTML
Odile Cuénoud González, Alain Clémence 941-958
Working Together, Living Together: Jewish and Palestinian Citizens of Israel Crossing Imagined Group Boundaries PDF HTML
Cathy Nicholson 959-977
Support for "Normalization" of Relations Between Palestinians and Israelis, and how It Relates to Contact and Resistance in the West Bank PDF HTML
Mai Albzour, Sandra Penic, Randa Nasser, Eva G. T. Green 978-996
Leadership Strategies of Mobilisation and Demobilisation in Sudan PDF HTML
Sigrun Marie Moss 997-1020
The Role of Identity Transformations in Comparative Victim Beliefs? Evidence From South Sudanese Diaspora PDF HTML
Michelle Sinayobye Twali 1021-1043
‘Two Homes, Refugees in Both’: Contesting Frameworks – The Case of the Northern Muslims of Sri Lanka PDF HTML
Esther Surenthiraraj, Neloufer De Mel 1044-1064
Preferences for Different Representations of Colonial History in a Canadian Urban Indigenous Community PDF HTML
Scott D. Neufeld, Michael T. Schmitt 1065-1088


Shaping the Modern World With a Stone-Age Brain: The Brexit Referendum and the Moral Foundations Theory PDF HTML
David S. Smith 863-889

Original Research Reports

Why Do First and Second-Generation Young Migrants Volunteer? The Migrant Volunteerism Motivation Model (MVMM) PDF HTML
Sara Alfieri, Daniela Marzana, Sara Martinez Damia 1089-1107
Social Representations of Teachership Based on Cover Images of Finnish Teacher Magazine: A Visual Rhetoric Approach PDF HTML
Jari Martikainen 890-912
The Electoral Success of Angels and Demons: Big Five, Dark Triad, and Performance at the Ballot Box PDF HTML
Alessandro Nai 830-862
What Is (Un)fair? Political Ideology and Collective Action PDF HTML
Gosia Mikołajczak, Julia C. Becker 810-829
Meaning-Making and Rumour-Mongering in the Shadow of Terrorism: The Case of the Charlie Hebdo Attack in Paris PDF HTML
Petra Pelletier, Ewa Drozda-Senkowska 790-809
Authority Fairness for All? Intergroup Status and Expectations of Procedural Justice and Resource Distribution PDF HTML
Karolina Urbanska, Samuel Pehrson, Rhiannon N. Turner 766-789
Political Solidarity: A Theory and a Measure PDF HTML
Katelin Helene Siemens Neufeld, Katherine Beata Starzyk, Danielle Gaucher 726-765
Framing Hate: Moral Foundations, Party Cues, and (In)Tolerance of Offensive Speech PDF HTML
Grant M. Armstrong, Julie Wronski 695-725
Including Political Context in the Psychological Analysis of Collective Action: Development and Validation of a Measurement Scale for Subjective Political Openness PDF HTML
Patricio Saavedra, John Drury 665-694

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