Vol 6, No 2 (2018)

Including a Special Thematic Section on "Rethinking Health and Social Justice Activism in Changing Times" (guest-edited by Catherine Campbell, Flora Cornish, and Cristian Montenegro)

Table of Contents


A Psychological Approach to Promoting Truth in Politics: The Pro-Truth Pledge PDF HTML
Gleb Tsipursky, Fabio Votta, James A. Mulick 271-290

Original Research Reports

Positive Essentialization Reduces Prejudice: Reminding Participants of a Positive Human Nature Alleviates the Stigma of Indonesian Communist Party (PKI) Descent PDF HTML
Idhamsyah Eka Putra, Peter Holtz, Ardiningtiyas Pitaloka, Nicole Kronberger, Nurul Arbiyah 291-314
The Neoliberal Myth of Austerity: Debt and Solidarity in the Forefront of Public Space PDF HTML
Andreas Vavvos, Sofia Triliva 315-330
Self-Censorship Orientation: Scale Development, Correlates and Outcomes PDF HTML
Keren Sharvit, Daniel Bar-Tal, Boaz Hameiri, Anat Zafran, Eldad Shahar, Amiram Raviv 331-363
Evaluating the Political Organisation of Muslim Citizens in the Netherlands: The Role of Political Orientation, Education and Multiculturalism PDF HTML
Willemijn Bot, Maykel Verkuyten 364-382
What Predicts Threat Perceptions Toward People Opposing to the Government? A Population-Based Study Following Umbrella Movement, Hong Kong PDF HTML
Wai Kai Hou, Daphna Canetti, Tsz Wah Ma, Brian J. Hall, Kam Man Lau, Sin Man Ng, Stevan E. Hobfoll 383-400
Tax Climate in the National Press: A New Tool in Tax Behaviour Research PDF HTML
Edoardo Lozza, Cinzia Castiglioni 401-419
Development and Validation of the American Dream Scale: Assessing the Petty Bourgeois Mentality PDF HTML
Glenn Gamst, Roy Kwon, Lawrence S. Meyers 449-483
When Psychological Contract Is Violated: Revisiting the Rejection-Disidentification Model of Immigrant Integration PDF HTML
Inga Jasinskaja-Lahti, Göksu Celikkol, Tuuli Anna Renvik, Viivi Eskelinen, Raivo Vetik, David Lackland Sam 484-510
The Effectiveness of the Bringing in the Bystander™ Program Among First-Year Students at a Religiously-Affiliated Liberal Arts College PDF HTML
Elizabeth M. Inman, Stephenie R. Chaudoir, Paul R. Galvinhill, Ann M. Sheehy 511-525

Theoretical Articles

"I Have Never Worked With Victims so Victimized": Political Trauma and the Challenges of Psychosocial Interventions in Ecuador PDF HTML
Gina Donoso 420-448

Special Thematic Section on "Rethinking Health and Social Justice Activism in Changing Times" (guest-edited by Catherine Campbell, Flora Cornish, and Cristian Montenegro)

Activism in Changing Times: Reinvigorating Community Psychology – Introduction to the Special Thematic Section PDF HTML
Flora Cornish, Catherine Campbell, Cristián Montenegro 526-542
Politics and Activism in the Water and Sanitation Wars in South Africa PDF HTML
Brendon R. Barnes 543-555
The Right to Be Freepeople: Relational Voluntary-Assisted-Advocacy as a Psychological and Ethical Resource for Decolonizing Intellectual Disability PDF HTML
Charlotte Capri, Leslie Swartz 556-574
Towards a Liberatory Ethics of Care Framework for Organizing Social Change PDF HTML
Anjali Dutt, Danielle Kohfeldt 575-590
Documenting Sociopolitical Development via Participatory Action Research (PAR) With Women of Color Student Activists in the Neoliberal University PDF HTML
Jesica Siham Fernández, Jasmyne Y. Gaston, Madeline Nguyen, Jaia Rovaris, Rhyann L. Robinson, Danielle N. Aguilar 591-607
Queer Solidarities: New Activisms Erupting at the Intersection of Structural Precarity and Radical Misrecognition PDF HTML
Michelle Fine, María Elena Torre, David M. Frost, Allison L. Cabana 608-630
Can Digital Health Save Democracy? Meeting the Cosmopolitical Challenge of Digital Worlds PDF HTML
Elena Gonzalez-Polledo 631-643
“Do You Want to Help or Go to War?”: Ethical Challenges of Critical Research in Immigration Detention in Canada PDF HTML
Rachel Kronick, Janet Cleveland, Cécile Rousseau 644-660
‘Are You a Radical Now?’ Reflecting on the Situation of Social Research(ers) in the Context of Service-User Activism in Mental Health PDF HTML
Cristian R. Montenegro 661-676
Struggle Against Outsourcing of Diagnostic Services in Government Facilities: Strategies and Lessons From a Campaign Led by Jan Swasthya Abhiyan (People’s Health Movement) in Chhattisgarh, India PDF HTML
Sulakshana Nandi 677-695
Exploring the Threats to Sociable Scholarship: An Autoethnographic Viewing of Participatory News Making PDF HTML
Cat J. Pausé, Marewa Glover 696-710
The Politics of Error: Rethinking the Power of the Symptom in the Case of ADHD Diagnosis in Chilean Society PDF HTML
Esteban Radiszcz, Hugo Sir 711-727
A Hidden Activism and its Changing Contemporary Forms: Mental Health Service Users / Survivors Mobilising PDF HTML
Diana Rose 728-744
Re-Engaging Social Relationships and Collective Dimensions of Organizing to Revive Democratic Practice PDF HTML
Paul W. Speer, Hahrie Han 745-758
Building Spaces for Controversial Public Engagement – Exploring and Challenging Democratic Deficits in NHS Marketization PDF HTML
Carl Walker, Kepa Artaraz, Mary Darking, Ceri Davies, Stephanie Fleischer, Rebecca Graber, Shadreck Mwale, Ewen Speed, Jenny Terry, Anna Zoli 759-775

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