Vol 7, No 2 (2019)

Issue in progress: Articles will be added continuously as soon as they are finalized.

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Shaping the Modern World With a Stone-Age Brain: The Brexit Referendum and the Moral Foundations Theory PDF HTML
David S. Smith 863-889

Original Research Reports

Social Representations of Teachership Based on Cover Images of Finnish Teacher Magazine: A Visual Rhetoric Approach PDF HTML
Jari Martikainen 890-912
The Electoral Success of Angels and Demons: Big Five, Dark Triad, and Performance at the Ballot Box PDF HTML
Alessandro Nai 830-862
What Is (Un)fair? Political Ideology and Collective Action PDF HTML
Gosia Mikołajczak, Julia C. Becker 810-829
Meaning-Making and Rumour-Mongering in the Shadow of Terrorism: The Case of the Charlie Hebdo Attack in Paris PDF HTML
Petra Pelletier, Ewa Drozda-Senkowska 790-809
Authority Fairness for All? Intergroup Status and Expectations of Procedural Justice and Resource Distribution PDF HTML
Karolina Urbanska, Samuel Pehrson, Rhiannon N. Turner 766-789
Political Solidarity: A Theory and a Measure PDF HTML
Katelin Helene Siemens Neufeld, Katherine Beata Starzyk, Danielle Gaucher 726-765
Framing Hate: Moral Foundations, Party Cues, and (In)Tolerance of Offensive Speech PDF HTML
Grant M. Armstrong, Julie Wronski 695-725
Including Political Context in the Psychological Analysis of Collective Action: Development and Validation of a Measurement Scale for Subjective Political Openness PDF HTML
Patricio Saavedra, John Drury 665-694

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