Vol 5, No 2 (2017)

Issue in progress: Articles will be added continuously as soon as they are finalized.

Table of Contents

Action Teaching Reports

Stress Reduction in a High Stress Population: A Service-Learning Project PDF HTML
Kimberly J. McClure Brenchley, Lynn M. Donahue 463-476

Original Research Reports

Lessons From the Past for the Future: The Definition and Mobilisation of Hindu Nationhood by the Hindu Nationalist Movement of India PDF HTML
Sammyh S. Khan, Ted Svensson, Yashpal A. Jogdand, James H. Liu 477-511
Does Extreme Political Ideology Predict Conspiracy Beliefs, Economic Evaluations and Political Trust? Evidence From Sweden PDF HTML
Andre Krouwel, Yordan Kutiyski, Jan-Willem van Prooijen, Johan Martinsson, Elias Markstedt 435-462
Intergroup Contact and Peacebuilding: Promoting Youth Civic Engagement in Northern Ireland PDF HTML
Shelley McKeown, Laura K. Taylor 415-434
Does Money Change Political Views? – An Investigation of Money Priming and the Preference for Right-Wing Politics PDF HTML
Johannes Schuler, Igor Ivanov, Michaela Wänke 396-414
Shame on Me? Shame on You! Emotional Reactions to Cinematic Portrayals of the Holocaust PDF HTML
Johannes Kopf-Beck, Felix Gaisbauer, Susanne Dengler 367-395
Sharing Values as a Foundation for Collective Hope PDF HTML
Niki Harré, Helen Madden, Rowan Brooks, Jonathan Goodman 342-366

Special Thematic Section (in progress) on "Collective Memories and Present-Day Intergroup Relations: A Social-Psychological Perspective" (guest-edited by Ana Figueiredo, Borja Martinovic, Jonas Rees, & Laurent Licata)

It’s About Valence: Historical Continuity or Historical Discontinuity as a Threat to Social Identity PDF HTML
Jenny Roth, Michaela Huber, Annkatrin Juenger, James H. Liu 320-341
Collective Nostalgia Is Associated With Stronger Outgroup-Directed Anger and Participation in Ingroup-Favoring Collective Action PDF HTML
Wing-Yee Cheung, Constantine Sedikides, Tim Wildschut, Nicole Tausch, Arin H. Ayanian 301-319
Endorsing Narratives Under Threat: Maintaining Perceived Collective Continuity Through the Protective Power of Ingroup Narratives in Northern Ireland and Cyprus PDF HTML
Anouk Smeekes, Shelley McKeown, Charis Psaltis 282-300

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