New guidelines on manuscript length

As part of a new publishing model of PsychOpen, we are introducing page limits...

There are two general categories of word limits. Exceptions to these limits are possible only if very well justified and when discussed before submission and/or publication with the editors. The word limits include everything in the article: Abstract, non-technical summary, main text, figures, tables, references, appendices. To be able to meet the word limit, we encourage creating online supplementary materials for lengthier appendices and additional materials or descriptions you wish to include in your article. Despite the word limits, we expect transparent and detailed methodological reporting and a sufficient contextualization and elaboration of theoretical background of the research.

8000 words: for quantitative papers reporting one study or two studies with a similar design, and commentaries (which typically are much shorter, however)

10,000 words: for qualitative papers, multi-study quantitative papers and quantitative papers with more complicated methods or analyses, review and theoretical papers

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