Special Thematic Section (in preparation)

"The Social Psychology of Citizenship, Participation and Social Exclusion"

Special Thematic Section guest-edited by Clifford Stevenson, John Dixon, Nick Hopkins, and Russell Luyt – expected for 2015, Vol 3, No 2

Accepted Articles

Antonini, M., Hogg, M. A., Mannetti, L., Barbieri, B., & Wagoner, J. A. (in press). Motivating citizens to participate in public policymaking: Identification, trust and cost-benefit analyses. Journal of Social and Political Psychology. http://jspp.psychopen.eu/public/journals/1/accepted/408-2532-1-CE_AM.pdf

Blackwood, L., Hopkins, N., & Reicher, S. (in press). 'Flying while Muslim': Citizenship and misrecognition in the airport. Journal of Social and Political Psychology. http://jspp.psychopen.eu/public/journals/1/accepted/375-2530-1-CE_AM.pdf

Botindari, L., & Reicher, S. (in press). The active follower: What young voters look for in political leaders and parties. Journal of Social and Political Psychology. http://jspp.psychopen.eu/public/journals/1/accepted/413-2559-3-CE_AM.pdf

Di Masso, A. (in press). Micropolitics of public space: On the contested limits of citizenship as a locational practice. Journal of Social and Political Psychology. http://jspp.psychopen.eu/public/journals/1/accepted/322-2298-1-AM.pdf

Gibson, S. (in press). Constructions of 'the Polish' in northern England: Findings from a qualitative interview study. Journal of Social and Political Psychology. http://jspp.psychopen.eu/public/journals/1/accepted/414-2692-1-CE_AM.pdf

Hopkins, N., Reicher, S., & van Rijswijk, W. (in press). Everyday citizenship: Identity claims and their reception. Journal of Social and Political Psychology. http://jspp.psychopen.eu/public/journals/1/accepted/380-2531-1-CE_AM.pdf

Rodríguez López, M., Andreouli, E., & Howarth, C. (in press). From ex-combatants to citizens: Connecting everyday citizenship and social reintegration in Colombia. Journal of Social and Political Psychology. http://jspp.psychopen.eu/public/journals/1/accepted/388-2694-1-CE_AM.pdf

Roebroeck, E., & Guimond, S. (in press). Schooling, citizen-making, and anti-immigrant prejudice in France. Journal of Social and Political Psychology. http://jspp.psychopen.eu/public/journals/1/accepted/391-2693-1-CE_AM.pdf

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