Vol 4, No 1 (2016)

Including a Special Thematic Section on "Rethinking Prefigurative Politics" (guest-edited by Jan Haaken, Flora Cornish, Sharon Jackson and Liora Moskovitz)

Table of Contents

Special Thematic Section on "Rethinking Prefigurative Politics" (guest-edited by Jan Haaken, Flora Cornish, Sharon Jackson and Liora Moskovitz)

Rethinking Prefigurative Politics: Introduction to the Special Thematic Section PDF HTML
Flora Cornish, Jan Haaken, Liora Moskovitz, Sharon Jackson 114-127
The Identity Process in Times of Rupture: Narratives From the Egyptian Revolution PDF HTML
Sarah Hassan Awad 128-141
Socio-Psychological Aspects of Grassroots Participation in the Transition Movement: An Italian Case Study PDF HTML
Fulvio Biddau, Alessandra Armenti, Paolo Cottone 142-165
Examining Prejudice Reduction Through Solidarity and Togetherness Experiences Among Gezi Park Activists in Turkey PDF HTML
Yasemin Gülsüm Acar, Özden Melis Uluğ 166-179
Psychological Sense of Community as an Example of Prefiguration Among Occupy Protesters PDF HTML
Magda Permut 180-195
Changing the NHS a Day at a Time: The Role of Enactment in the Mobilisation and Prefiguration of Change PDF HTML
Liora Moskovitz, Lucia Garcia-Lorenzo 196-219
From Sanctuaries to Prefigurative Social Change: Creating Health-Enabling Spaces in East London Community Gardens PDF HTML
Madeleine A. Guerlain, Catherine Campbell 220-237
What the Recovery Movement Tells Us About Prefigurative Politics PDF HTML
Melinda Beckwith, Ana-Maria Bliuc, David Best 238-251
(Im)Possible Conversations? Activism, Childhood and Everyday Life PDF HTML
Sevasti-Melissa Nolas, Christos Varvantakis, Vinnarasan Aruldoss 252-265
Constructing Alternatives: Envisioning a Critical Psychology of Prefigurative Politics PDF HTML
Carlie D. Trott 266-285
Why Consensus? PDF HTML
Francesca Polletta, Katt Hoban 286-301
Engendering the Prefigurative: Feminist Praxes That Bridge a Politics of Prefigurement and Survival PDF HTML
Cynthia S. Lin, Alisa A. Pykett, Constance Flanagan, Karma R. Chávez 302-317
Learning From Critical Collective Spaces: Reflections on the Community-Diversity Dialectic in Safe Spaces PDF HTML
Jennifer Wallin-Ruschman, Mazna Patka 318-331
'A Better Life for All': Prefigurative and Strategic Politics in Southern Africa PDF HTML
Larry A. Swatuk, Peter Vale 332-346
The Integrity of Process: Is Inner Transition Sufficient? PDF HTML
Clare Power 347-363


Gender Inequalities in Highly Qualified Professions: A Social Psychological Analysis PDF HTML
Maria Helena Santos, Lígia Amâncio 427-443
Seventy Years of Social Psychology: A Cultural and Personal Critique PDF HTML
Gustav Jahoda 364-380

Original Research Reports

Raising European Citizens: Constructing European Identities in French and English Textbooks PDF HTML
Inari Sakki 444-472
Ethnic and Gender Discrimination in Recruitment: Experimental Evidence From Finland PDF HTML
Karmela Liebkind, Liisa Larja, Asteria Brylka 403-426
Explaining a Rare Null Relationship Between Group Identification and Social Protest Through a Relational Form of Coping With Low Group Status PDF HTML
Martijn van Zomeren, Nella Susilani, Simin Berend 381-402
American State Gun Law Strength and State Resident Differences in Neuroticism Levels PDF HTML
Stewart J. H. McCann, Chantelle Zawila 91-113
Disentangling Islamophobia: The Differential Effects of Symbolic, Realistic, and Terroristic Threat Perceptions as Mediators Between Social Dominance Orientation and Islamophobia PDF HTML
Fatih Uenal 66-90
Constructing Work and Subjectivities in Precarious Conditions: Psycho-Discursive Practices in Young People's Interviews in Greece PDF HTML
Georgios Kesisoglou, Evangelia Figgou, Maria Dikaiou 24-43
Lake Wobegon's Guns: Overestimating Our Gun-Related Competences PDF HTML
Emily Stark, Daniel Sachau 8-23

Theoretical Articles

Activism as a Heroic Quest for Symbolic Immortality: An Existential Perspective on Collective Action PDF HTML
Julia Elad-Strenger 44-65

Review Articles

Claps and Claptrap: The Analysis of Speaker-Audience Interaction in Political Speeches PDF HTML
Peter Bull 473-492

From the Editors

Editorial Report and Acknowledgement of Reviewers, 2015 PDF HTML
J. Christopher Cohrs, Johanna Ray Vollhardt 1-7

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